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Will 2015 be the year for Enterprise Mobility?

wipro MWC 2014

The slow pace of technological change inside enterprises is legendary.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in approach to enterprise mobility.

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs created the mobile web in 2007 and virtually every employee today carries a smart phone of some kind ,enterprises have only scratched the surface in empowering their constituencies with smart business processes i.e. apps that take advantage of the device, location and context to making their users productive.  Worse they have not designed a coherent mobile strategy for the organization.

In fact, IDC reports that most companies are low on mobile adoption.  The firm’s 2014 Mobile Enterprise Software Survey found what they called, “shockingly low adoption of mobility.” They reported that 60% of large company respondents indicated they had developed three or fewer apps.

Why? Because mobile application development is more complicated than people imagine resulting in time, cost and experience.  There is  a dizzying diversity of devices, operating systems, real estate, SDK, languages etc.  Plus it’s not about making a dumb application that exists even dumber. It is about making a business process even better  than before such that it takes full advantage of mobile, cloud and social collaboration.  It needs to bring the user to a higher order of smart experience than the web applications that were designed for the enterprise on any device , any-time, any-where.

The challenges facing enterprises have been to bring mobile solutions with little redesign for recode, faster and cheaper.  At the same time the solutions to be dynamic taking advantage of changes at these server side, and future proofing enterprises for advances in mobile, cloud and social.

It’s about taking advantage of newer approaches.  One such approach is by using a cloud based platform to transform existing web applications to take advantage of mobile, cloud and social collaboration in real time, with little code or redesign.  This approach provides what enterprises are looking for – better, faster and cheaper solution.

MoNimbus™ recommends such an approach.