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Whats holding back Enterprise Mobility?

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There are many reasons for positive outlook for Mobile application development and adoption in 2015.  Research shows that a growing number of companies are recognizing the productivity benefits of extending mobile applications to employees, partners, customers.  Pads and mobiles are part and parcel of enterprises and mobile web consumer application downloads have been on the rise.  Nevertheless, the consumer mobile web maturity has not necessarily translated into robust app adoption rates among companies. Why? And why in 2015?


  1. Why is the enterprise slow to embrace Mobile?

Early enterprise mobile apps have been customer facing thick client downloads for customer satisfaction and revenues. It’s taken a while for organizations to turn mobility inwards to their business processes, both for B2B and B2E apps. Security and management have been issues but they are being solved. However, the cost of moving thousands of enterprise apps to mobile has been daunting. Nevertheless with newer technological routes such as using a cloud based middleware – can help transform enterprise apps faster, better and cheaper. Adoption of newer routes will happen in 2015.



  1. Another challenge is the ownership of mobile?

A key challenge within enterprises is who owns mobile anything and everything.  Should IT that has been responsible for cloud be responsible for mobile? Or does it belong to each business unit like currently it is with social collaboration.  Enterprises are reaching the conclusion that ownership best includes LOB users together with Enterprise IT.  This route may be the best way to get mobile apps designed and deployed for smart experience and productivity.


  1. How will this impact in the short term?

Companies will look to their peers and when they see success and productivity they will want to emulate it. They will see more of it with mobile in 2015 and they will look to mobilize workflow tasks increasingly to solve their business issues and improve bottom and top lines.