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To Build Your Own Enterprise Mobile App or Not


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The BYOD and BYOA trends have actively been redefining the role of enterprise IT professionals. With so many mobile devices and free applications to choose, employees have changed the definition of “work” and “being at work” as many now have the opportunity to do their jobs far from the office. But this newfound freedom is the reason for the battle between employees who want to use apps of their choice and IT departments who strive to control how enterprise documents are used and with whom they are being shared.

With the number of new applications that are popping up every day, it will be naiive of IT departments to believe that they could somehow stop employees from using the apps they choose to. Although some argue that this is a battle that IT professionals need to win because of security reasons, it is far beyond the point where employees can be stopped from using their favorite applications. ITs would never gain the full control over shared documents they once had. The truth is that out of the 81% of employees who share enterprise documents from their mobile devices, 72% do so without IT authorization. These numbers are quite alarming and IT departments need to react fast.

The best approach to this issue is to create balance while following the new technology trends. Instead of choosing to build your mobile enterprise app from scratch and toss over to employees to use them, IT can empower employees to use and integrate apps they are already familiar with while still maintaining control of shared work documents. One such approach is using a cloud hosted platform to allow employees configure any existing web application into any mobile device and hence customize their mobile experience. People who have worked for any enterprise  are  familiar with the work web applications that their company uses.  For them to be empowered to mobilize will only benefit their productivity. In addition, a cloud hosting platform offers the opportunity to bring other apps, such as social media apps to thoroughly customize the mobile experience.