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logowhiteBYOD is on with Enterprises
Whether or not employees will bring their own devices (tablets, smartphones) to work is no longer in doubt, it is a fact of corporate life. Up to 17% of the worldwide workforce uses their own device at work now and that trend will only increase. Employees prefer the flexibility it provides them, allowing them to be more responsive to customers and helping the Enterprise be more profitable, as well as more efficiently address their own needs for personal applications. What’s more, employees want continuity of device, phone number, and platform to follow them even if they change jobs.
Adopting a mobility and BYOD strategy enables enterprises to not only enhance employee satisfaction, but also improve marketing and service provisioning in order to offer additional value to customers
In order to take full advantage of the BYOD mobile solution opportunity CIOs need to be thinking of 2 critical IT imperatives:
• End to end Network Security
o The ability to extend network security across the entire network and provide an absolutely secure network connection
• Device Management & Data Security
o The ability to isolate or “sandbox” personal applications from enterprise applications on the employee device
o The ability to remotely register, manage, decommission and wipe devices during their lifecycle at the company
After securing the enterprise comes the hard part of making enterprises productive with next generation applications based on a next generation platform of mobile, social and cloud. The single most important initiative then becomes:
• Application deployment in the mobile office
o Provide for secure, authorization, distribution, management and access of enterprise applications (e.g. CRM, ERP) on mobile devices

This is where MoNimbus™ comes in with its platform for next generation applications and a full business suite of mobile., social and cloud ready applications e.g. mCRM™. Check

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What is holding back the Mobile Enterprise?
Security? Now that problem has been addressed with the advent of Mobile Device Management allowing for mobile devices to be individually authenticated into the enterprise.
Mobile Device OS? No. The browser is the operating system within the operating system and most of the browsers on leading mobiles are mobile compatible.
Mobile Device? A big no since a lot can be accomplished within the reasonable real estate of a Samsung galaxy or an Iphone. These devices have more compute power, more intuitive user interfaces, better peripheral features such as camera, audio, video etc., leading to better user experience.
It is something else called enterprise applications i.e., the real assets of the enterprise that are still yet to exploit the full features of the mobile device and move us to a higher plane of intelligent experience making for a smarter workforce.
The only route for this experience today is to re-code applications to take advantage of the power of the confluence of mobile, social and cloud. MoNimbus removes this pain through the heavy-lifting in real time that is done on the MoNimbus platform with no redesign or recoding of existing applications.
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