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enterprise mobility platformEnterprises have invested millions in applications that are both home grown, as well as customized on off-the-shelf business processing platforms such as Oracle and SAP e.g. CRM, Field Service, Travel, Project Management etc. In the past decade they have moved aggressively to an online strategy of web enabling them. However, they are now faced with a perfect storm with convergence of mobile, social and cloud technologies that could remarkably transform their users experience. But extending to mobile, social, cloud and enabling collaboration is neither easy nor economical with traditional approaches. Further it produces a dumbed-down experience to fit the constraints, not an intelligent optimized experience that users want. MoNimbus aims to fix this with a solution that can accelerate the user experience to mobile, social and cloud at a fraction of the cost using its MoNimbus™ platform. The market for this is large. We can call it enterprise mobility – with the numbers being in the order of 17B$ market by 2015.

Just as the move from client server to web based solutions required specialists who knew the web base infrastructure, so also the social-mobile web has its own challenges that demands knowhow. MoNimbus packages this know-how into a cloud based software platform to consumerize enterprise assets, and move the enterprise closer towards BYOD status. MoNimbus does this in two ways 1) with ready-made solutions to realize immediate smarter experience such as mCRM, mFieldServices, mTravel, mProductivity etc., 2) integrate with existing in-house enterprise solutions/workflow and auto transform/extend their experience on mobile/social/cloud using MoNimbus™ platform.