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o Work is not a place you go. Its a thing you do
o Empowerment is efficiency
o Purposeful Collaboration – no tjust talking about work
o Mobile – work from anywhere, anytime on any device
o Social: Boost team efficiency
o Cloud: Pay as you go SaaS model
o Build your own mobile app by grafting workflows from other enterprise apps
o Build your own app in real time

MoNimbus is built on this premise……

HBR_SAP_Infographic_Enterprise 900Recent HBR survey together with SAP indicates growing interest in accessing enterprise systems via mobile. According to the survey:
o 54% of survey indicated need to access critical enterprise information on mobile
o 52% of survey indicated deployment of LOB applications (sales, CRM, Finance, HR) on Mobile
o 58% of survey indicated deployment of industry customized mobile applications