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o Work is not a place you go. Its a thing you do
o Empowerment is efficiency
o Purposeful Collaboration – no tjust talking about work
o Mobile – work from anywhere, anytime on any device
o Social: Boost team efficiency
o Cloud: Pay as you go SaaS model
o Build your own mobile app by grafting workflows from other enterprise apps
o Build your own app in real time

MoNimbus is built on this premise…… Peter fuller’s article on Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Enterprise applications is timely. At MoNimbus we took it to heart even before we read it. Our Mobile Enterprise philosophy is to help build applications that can be used any time, any where , any device and be productive with a next generation experience that combines the best of mobile,social and cloud. Above all the design philosophies embrace the following guidelines:

1. User Experience. We thought of simplicity and intuitiveness for all devices of any form-factor since at the end of the day the application needs to provide user sheer delight in using it at at any time.
2. Incorporate power of mobile. MoNimbus leverages the power of any device that is brought into the application workflow through native experience and use of sensors and features on it – for e.,g. phone book, camera, accelrometer etc.
3. Mash up framework. MoNimbus provides for a re-configurable framework for mashing cloud based business services and technology services to enhance and add value to the LOB application such that the experience is far beyond what it was originally designed for.
4. Empower Users. The ides behind MoNimbus is to create and empower users with an intelligent and smart experience far beyond what the original mandate of the application through real time additions to the application experience. Empowered users are productive and add value to the enterprise business.
5. Real time. Everything about MoNimbus is real time. Our model is one of real time consumption of existing applications with value grafted from cloud based services to make the application exponentially better in experience.

HBR_SAP_Infographic_Enterprise 900Recent HBR survey together with SAP indicates growing interest in accessing enterprise systems via mobile. According to the survey:
o 54% of survey indicated need to access critical enterprise information on mobile
o 52% of survey indicated deployment of LOB applications (sales, CRM, Finance, HR) on Mobile
o 58% of survey indicated deployment of industry customized mobile applications

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What is holding back the Mobile Enterprise?
Security? Now that problem has been addressed with the advent of Mobile Device Management allowing for mobile devices to be individually authenticated into the enterprise.
Mobile Device OS? No. The browser is the operating system within the operating system and most of the browsers on leading mobiles are mobile compatible.
Mobile Device? A big no since a lot can be accomplished within the reasonable real estate of a Samsung galaxy or an Iphone. These devices have more compute power, more intuitive user interfaces, better peripheral features such as camera, audio, video etc., leading to better user experience.
It is something else called enterprise applications i.e., the real assets of the enterprise that are still yet to exploit the full features of the mobile device and move us to a higher plane of intelligent experience making for a smarter workforce.
The only route for this experience today is to re-code applications to take advantage of the power of the confluence of mobile, social and cloud. MoNimbus removes this pain through the heavy-lifting in real time that is done on the MoNimbus platform with no redesign or recoding of existing applications.
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2013 is going to be the year of the Mobile Enterprise. No Mistake about it. Its a $17B market that is waiting to move to the mobile web. Mobile web started with Docomo in 1999 when Docomo launched iMode in Japan and garnered – 40M users by 2003. It was an ecosystem of content, developers and applications. But it was different from the PC web with its own proprietary constructs. These differences were ironed out by Steve Jobs with iphone in 2007. With introduction of iPhone – consumer mobile web grew faster than PC Web and today we are arriving at terms such as consumerization of IT within the enterprise. It’s the Turn of Enterprises to be mobile webbed and MoNimbus is ready to accelerate this in 2013.