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Mobile enterprise or out of business enterprise


An Enterprise Mobility strategy is not about devices or managing devices. It’s about a vision of how mobile technologies can help change or transform enterprise business processes and work flow.  It’s about a strategy that can improve the top lines and bottom line for an enterprise by employing smarter experience through mobile enterprise apps that results in smarter workers.

The year 2000 was about going ebusiness or out of  business. In 2013 it is about a mobile enterprise or out of business enterprise.  Enterprises need to decide if mobility is core to their business or not. If mobility is core to an enterprise business it does not naturally follow that that they need to own the expertise to have a successful mobility strategy.  They can outsource it.

The traditional strategy is one about using professional services to move the app to mobile, social and cloud. What about an alternate strategy of using a cloud based platform to create, transform, configure and customize managed mobile experiences in no time and with no retooling?  It offers an alternate path that changes the velocity of mobile adoption and economics for the same,

Let’s use the example of a retail enterprise.  There’s no question that mobile would be of great use to them.  They’ll want to build apps that will be downloaded off of public app stores.  That will give them the opportunity to connect and engage directly with customers, as well as provide them unique offers or the means to purchase goods directly from their mobiles.  They’ll probably also want to build custom or deploy 3rd party mobile applications for their employees.  Many of these kinds of internal apps are not necessarily retail specific, but there could also be apps for inventory management, supply chain, PO approval, asset tracking, etc.

But building and maintaining these applications can be an enormous – and potentially onerous – task and hence companies have always thought of the traditional approach, Outsource it.  With Monimbus™ the solution is to use a cloud based platform to transform existing workflow and data to mobile, cloud and social in real time with no retooling.  All on a SaaS model. It’s about real time consumption of the workflow altered to fit location, context anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Enterprises are buying into this strategy. A departure from delays and an expensive in house team to use MoNimbus™ to accelerate mobile enterprise.

TabletSmartphones and tablets are completely changing business. More and more businesses are looking at creating mobile apps for their business eco-system – employees, partners, customers.
But developing apps for a global distributed enterprise eco system is not simple. Enterprises have to work with multiple technologies, highly distributed environments and computing networks. More importantly, apps need to be developed for the long term and next generation experience. Those who specialize in creating enterprise apps need to keep in mind the following factors:
User Experience: Simply porting an application from desktop to mobile will not cut it. Mobile devices have a different real estate as well as different user Interfaces. Furthermore mobile devices are governed by context that is different depending on the location at the time of usage. An application needs to take all of this into account. Next generation mobile app needs to be designed with the user experience at its core.
Incorporating power of sensors: It¹s worth remembering that most of today’s mobile devices are powerful. They have cameras, GPS, accelerometers, Bluetooth and wi-fi (and some also include near field communication sensors too). Next Generation mobile app needs to make most of these sensors. It must be complete with many features such as the ability to reorient the display if the device is tilted to features that enable users to snap a picture and upload it straight into the system or get real-time updates based on location.
Incorporating newer form factors: The latest focus of all device makers is to move to a smaller, but functioning consumer form factor i.e. a watch. Design apps that are future proofed, that can be used on a TV screen to a watch.
Incorporating peer level services: The cloud is a programmable hub. All apps loaded on local devices that are in close proximity to the mobile and accessible to the mobile app can provide for a rich experience. Next generation mobile app should be in a position to integrate these peer level apps and bring them into pay to create a richer experience.
Empower the users: It is important to empower the user by enabling the user to configure her own experience and allowing her to integrate other business services, third party apps, themes into business applications e.g. social, mapping and traffic information feeds etc.
An app transformed with these factors can enable users to be more productive, make their jobs easier and even revolutionize a workforce. MoNimbus™ is the industry first cloud based mobile platform that allows creation of rich, customized, and managed mobile enterprise experiences in no time and with zero code.