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Enterprise software is expected to lead the charge in IT spending this year.  Market research firm Gartner forecast spending in that category to grow a respectable 6.8 percent to $320 Billion in 2014 from $300 billion last year.

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Developing mobile applications requires a different approach than what enterprises have traditionally taken with web applications. The advancement of BYOD and consumer focus drives the right to easy to use any time, anywhere and on any device principles. Hence the rise to MoNimbus cloud based Mobile Enterprise App platform and solutions.

MoNimbus believes that for excitement in the new world that embraces mobile, social and cloud apps need to share following features:
Configure your Experiences in real time
User should be able to customize and personalize experience with workflows that can be grafted, technology services that can be added – and all of this in real time. Users tend to slog through apps that enterprise IT creates. What if the user were to be offered a framework of workflows, business services, technology services that can be configured in real time?
User Delight.
Most enterprise apps are for admin and control. What if the apps had a more consumer design principole of yuser delight that makes them use it and IT derives admin and control. The truth is automated experience with full control.
Enterprise Integrated
The difference between a consumer app and an enterprise app is that one is stand alone and has no access to data and workflow within the enterprise and the other does. A mobile app that can be used with real time integration to company Line of business (LOB) apps and services makes a lot of sense. Users are getting savvy to go beyond email on mobile devices.
Enterprise mobile apps need to go beyond consumer apps and provide for scaling on demand.

MoNimbus cloud based approach to mobile enterprise apps does all of it.Plus it removes the pain of retooling and redevelopment of enterprise web apps to suit the above design principles by doing the heavy lifting in the cloud platform with a visual design studio front end. mCRM and mSocialEdge were transformed using MoNimbus. Experience them by downloading from

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Most organizations do the mistake of treating collaboration as a bunch of tools, much like a telephone connection. Collaboration is a way of doing things. It is how you execute a particular process more effectively. What is the logic of executing a process effectively by asking an employee to get out of the application that one is using and then use some collaboration tool and then get back to the application?. Collaboration will only meaningfully work, if it happens inside the application. That is the only meaningful way to promote collaboration as an idea deep into the enterprise. This is precisely the direction that MoNimbus™ takes with collaboration. Here, we discuss two ways of presenting collaboration. Hosted Collaboration and Embedded Collaboration.
Hosted Collaboration services
Most of the large enterprise communication firms are into creating cloud based collaboration services that are independent of enterprise applications and solutions. They are stand-alone services like global Video as a service or audio as a service using a standard backhaul. Operators in conjunction with enterprise communication firms have been in the business of offering Hosted collaboration services to enterprises.
Embedded Collaboration Services
Then there’s a technology differentiator where we’ve been built from the ground up to being multi-tenanted in the operator network to provide for embedded collaboration services. Collaboration services like, Presence, Chat, audio and video embedded within the workflow of applications and business processes that are part of the MoNimbus suite. For e.g. mCRM from MoNimbus will offer business use cases that embed push to call, chat, push messaging etc. These are all the things that mobile operators understand and care about.
Enterprises are in the first stage of dealing with mobile in the sense of coming up with the right policies or approaches to BYOD. Embedded collaboration allows them to really take better advantage of mobility. Remember , for any enterprise engaging your client is about being mobile and about being a mobile enterprise. That is what MoNimbus™ enables.