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MoNimbus mSocialEdge

MoNimbus Socialedge is a next generation application for effectively banking on relationships through your social networks. It keeps you connected on social channels to all activities and social changes. The app is powered by MoNimbus Platform that enables you to configure your various social networking accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This app allows you to create “Agents”. These agents are user definable so that you can curate information that fits your interests and search parameters. It can be integrated with any of your applications making them go cloud, mobile and social. It allows your applications to sense and respond quickly to social changes. It offers users insights into your customers and your customers more insights into your products and services.

Use Social Edge by MoNimbus to create intelligent agents that help you track most recent information form your social networks to create new business opportunities. You can either set up an automatic agent or simply search for people or conversations in different social networks.

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  • Basic
  • Free
  • Perfect for individuals
  • Social Network Management
  • Twitter Integration
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Unlimited “Agents” for social tracking
  • PC, Web & native Android, IOS
  • Technical support- Basic
  • Free Download Now