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Mobility is current Enterprise State of Mind

mobility state of mind image

In an enterprise every function has unique business processes to serve its constituencies. To a great extent these processes have been digitized with back-ends from SAP , Oracle and other vendors.  However with the convergence of mobile, cloud and social, the landscape has changed. With an always connected customer the effort is to stretch the ubiquitous digital business processes at all times, anywhere on any moving device.  It means Mobility stretches through everything.

The online world has spawned a virtual content creation and aggregation boom. Digital marketers flood online channels with YouTube-  how-to videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, Facebook posts, Web pages, graphics, blogs and more.  In turn, consumers rely on Google search to help them sift through the rubble and find nuggets of useful information.

The business world on the other hand has spawned a variety of digital business processes connecting producers, to employees, customers, to partners and to suppliers etc.  A web of front-end and back-end processes connect constituencies and have created vast digital efficiencies.  However, these digital processes serve  a fixed experience on a fixed device for a fixed context. What if the customer is always connected and uses different devices and wants different experiences based on locations and different context. How can these business processes be optimized for different devices and for different experience.  In other words how do you optimized for various channels for the always connected customer.

Getting a handle on Mobility will become more and more important with experience and collaboration expanding beyond a company’s homepage and into social networks. As the digital world converges with the physical one over mobile, cloud and social mobility will be key to setting the dialog with the employee, customer, partner and supplier for any enterprise

Mobility  stretches through everything, workflow, user interface, user experience and social collaboration. It’s a frame of mind best handled through the cloud for e.g. the MoNimbus cloud.