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MoNimbus mCRM

Get ready to manage your business needs efficiently and effectively. And on the move. And just by downloading mCRM™ from MoNimbus™

It is a mobile application built on MoNimbus™ enterprise platform that showcases next-generation functionality.  It is an intuitive and easy-to-use business solution, which will enable sales teams to work closely and focus on activities critical to winning deals.  It will have critical functionality for the sales teams to achieve their goals through tasks.  It will leverage unique social and mobile capabilities.  It will run on Android and iOS and be deployed in the cloud giving business development professionals instant access to enterprise sales information on their mobile devices.

Mobile Social Sales will be organized around sales goals.  And goals are fulfilled by assembling opportunities and customer accounts.  Sales professionals usually organize their efforts around these items.  The application will allow the creation of new opportunities, navigation of opportunities fitting with the sales goals.

Mobile Social Sales will smoothen the addition of contacts, prospective leads from personal contact lists and corporate directories.  The platform foundation has underlying social technologies mine historical data to recommend helpful contacts for new opportunities.

The application will feature MoNimbus™ workflow capabilities that intuitively lead to next steps in the sales process.  This is for successfully closing opportunities thereby improving efficacy of sales.

Please download mCRMTM User Guide for product support. Please visit our Frequently asked questions for a better understanding of the product.

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  • Basic
  • Free
  • Perfect for individuals
  • Opportunity, Contact and Account
  • Full sales cycle support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Basic collaboration
  • Phone book integration
  • Dashboard, Tasks, Calendar, Notes
  • PC, Web & native Android, IOS
  • Technical support- Basic
  • -
  • Free Download Now
  • Group
  • US$ 15
  • For managed teams
  • Assignment of task & opportunity
  • Full sales cycle management
  • Social media integration
  • Extended Collaboration
  • Phone book integration
  • Dashboard, Tasks, Calendar, Notes
  • SFDC integration
  • PC, Web & native Android, IOS
  • Technical support – SLA driven
  • Buy Now
  • Enterprise
  • Contact sales
  • Large teams with integration needs
  • Assignment and role management
  • Full sales cycle management
  • Social media management
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Phone book integration
  • Out of the box & custom workflows
  • SFDC + custom integrations
  • PC, Web & native Android, IOS
  • Technical support – Dedicated
  • Buy Now