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Making Mobile Payment simple & secure?

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So writes Jack Bicer, CEO of (

Apple Pay™ has reduced point-of-sale purchases to a single click. You simply hold your iPhone with your finger on Touch ID, swipe it past the contactless reader, and payment is made.
There’s no shuffling through credit cards, no swiping your card through the reader (sometimes several times) and entering your PIN.
You simply swipe and go.
Sadly, Apple Pay doesn’t work for browser-based payments—which explains why there’s no Apple Pay button on the Apple website or on any browser-based eCommerce or mCommerce site.

The inability to use Apple Pay for secure online payments is what I call the Apple Pay Gap.

Complicated online payments lead to abandoned shopping carts – lots of them.
Imagine this typical scenario.

You see a purple widget online and decide to buy. By the time you’ve entered your user name and password, filled out the purchase forms, you’ve entered on average 150 keystrokes—on a tiny keyboard.

Make typos and that keystroke number can soar. This “payment friction” is a major cause of frustrated buyers that directly result in abandoned shopping carts. In some cases as much as 97% according to Google.

Want proof?

In the U.S. 31.2% of online traffic is generated by smartphones, yet only 9.1% of purchases come from smartphones. That’s a 26.1% gap.

If you consider Mobile Commerce is a $84 billion marketplace, that 26.1% gap adds up to $22 billion in online sales that might have taken place…but didn’t.

In light of all this, the big question becomes: why can’t browser-based online payments be as simple as Apple Pay to reduce the number of abandoned carts and dramatically increase revenues?

The simpler solution: bypass keyboards

How’s this for simplicity: replacing 150 keystrokes with a single click.


Using a patented secure mobile payment app, users bypass tiny keyboards. You don’t have to enter your user name and password. You don’t have to type in your credit card number. You don’t have to fill in long forms.

You simply click on one-button to purchase, put your finger on the fingerprint reader (or enter a PIN on smartphones without a fingerprint reader) and you’re done.

Payment made.

Total elapsed time? Five seconds.

Nothing could be easier. The app features the simplicity of Apple Pay and works on iPhone and Android smartphones.  Thats for the user.  MoNimbus is partnered with to offer two factor authentication to any mobile application.