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Hurdle enroute to Enterprise Mobility

wipeout as hurdle enroute

Steve Jobs introduced the mobile cloud for the consumers in 2008 and it has taken off to unimaginable ubiquity. Why has this not happened with the enterprise mobile cloud ?

Because there are hurdles that stump enterprises on route to enterprise mobility. To start with within enterprises the back end infrastructure is not prepared for mobility.  The server side apps have to work in an environment that is made for scale and performance with mobile devices accessing any-time, anywhere. In addition the back-ends use different languages and multiple stacks from heterogeneous vendors. They will not talk to all mobile devices in native mode.

The approach has been to invest in preparing enterprise apps to meet this mismatch. Consider moving 2.7M windows apps that are running within enterprises.  How do you move them to mobile? It’s a huge exercise.  The current approach of rewriting these windows apps specific to each platform does not lend to scale.

The one approach that can work is to use a high degree of automation to migrate these apps to mobile and newer wearable devices.  If the automation is in a virtual common denominator place called the cloud it makes it easier for access any time anywhere lending to scale.

This cloud based approach  to automate the complexity of moving apps to mobile and allowing users to change digital experience in real time through the cloud is what MoNimbus advocates.