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What is holding back the Mobile Enterprise?
Security? Now that problem has been addressed with the advent of Mobile Device Management allowing for mobile devices to be individually authenticated into the enterprise.
Mobile Device OS? No. The browser is the operating system within the operating system and most of the browsers on leading mobiles are mobile compatible.
Mobile Device? A big no since a lot can be accomplished within the reasonable real estate of a Samsung galaxy or an Iphone. These devices have more compute power, more intuitive user interfaces, better peripheral features such as camera, audio, video etc., leading to better user experience.
It is something else called enterprise applications i.e., the real assets of the enterprise that are still yet to exploit the full features of the mobile device and move us to a higher plane of intelligent experience making for a smarter workforce.
The only route for this experience today is to re-code applications to take advantage of the power of the confluence of mobile, social and cloud. MoNimbus removes this pain through the heavy-lifting in real time that is done on the MoNimbus platform with no redesign or recoding of existing applications.
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