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Cloud platform – Best approach for next generation mobile experience

cloud imageFor enterprise IT cloud platform may be the best approach for entering the world of next generation mobile experience. Here is why.

A cloud platform, offers development teams in enterprises and legacy environments the ability to move at a rapid pace to next generation application development. Enterprises need to understand that a cloud platform is an effective approach for both business application hosting and mobile software development .At least initially, the cloud was associated with line-of-business mobile applications like CRM and marketing. The benefit was to combine secure on-premises data and modern outward facing applications to create partner portals

Commercial Software Development shops see the world differently than enterprise IT. Many of them tend to be fully on cloud. And they are going beyond infrastructure as a service, looking at platform as a service and software as a service. Cloud based mobile development platforms can help with the following:

Better applications: Enterprise applications tend to be monolithic and have many more moving parts, including integrations with legacy code. This inevitably results in more bugs, so the risk of releasing poor-quality applications is higher. A cloud platform lets you iterate more quickly, spot problems faster and work on new, more interesting functionality sooner.

Fewer roadblocks: Unless an organization starts from scratch, the only approach to enterprise application development is a balance between old and new. A cloud platform can help break barriers by speeding up the old processes and ushering in the new. Everyone can get on the same page since they will have shared access to the cloud.

DevOps: It might seem counterintuitive, but a cloud platform helps support the process of continuous integration — not because it is more amenable to IT, but because in the enterprise, the approval process for a release is Waterfall, which means the release better be perfect out the door because your chances to fix something are six months out. Today’s development teams, however, think in terms of a continuous stream of code. The more they can do before the release date the better. In an integration environment behind the corporate firewall a lot more is acceptable, which lets you increase the number of integration builds you can run, find more bugs and get to new functionality faster. For some organizations a cloud is the only path to continuous improvement.

Development teams will always be trying to push the envelope. And they will almost never be content with any one approach but a cloud is a way to get everyone on the same page, and it might be the only way to move enterprise development to next generation apps. MoNimbus is a cloud based application platform to accelerate enterprise mobility.