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Download the user guide here

mSocialEdgeTM User Guide

1. How is the Monimbus mSocialEdgeTM application useful?

 mSocialEdgeTM enables you to configure and integrate your social networking accounts from both public and private social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Yammer etc. It can be integrated with any of your applications, for e.g. CRM, making them socially networked and updated with events and information and to embrace cloud and mobile. It allows your applications to dynamically sense and respond to social changes as they happen. It offers insights about your customers and for your customers more insights about your products and services. Net effect is to create new business opportunities.  It can operate stand alone as well as can be integrated with any of your business functions.


2. How do I get the mSocialEdgeTM application?

mSocialEdgeTM application is now available to all mobile device users. Sign up for free at Follow these directions for download:

  • Android Users: Go to application ‘Google Play’. Search, download and install the application “mSocialEdgeTM by MoNimbus” and start using the application with the registered details.
  • Web Users: Access the application at and start using the application with the registered details.


3. What is the current version of mSocialEdgeTM?

Current version of mSocialEdgeTM is 1.0


 4. Is mSocialEdgeTM a freeware application?

mSocialEdgeTM is not a freeware, but it is free during the Beta period.


 5. Does mSocialEdgeTM require any additional infrastructure?

mSocialEdgeTM requires no additional infrastructure.  All you need is internet connectivity to access the social accounts.


6. What devices does the mSocialEdgeTM application work on? Are the features same on all platforms?

mSocialEdgeTM application is available in two variants.

  • The mobile web version – This does not require installation and can be accessed via the mobile web as well as all smart devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices . All you need to do is to open the application link that has been provided, and login using your registered credentials obtained during Sign Up.
  • The native downloadable Android version – The android app can be downloaded from the Google Play store on android devices. Search for “mSocialEdgeTM by MoNimbus”, download and login using your registered credentials.


7. Which mobile phones does mSocialEdgeTM work on?

mSocialEdgeTM application currently works on mobile devices of all operating systems (Android or iOS) and on all real estate – phones (BlackBerry, iPhone, Galaxy etc.,) and tablets (iPad, Galaxy Pad etc.) .


8. How do I change the user registration details?

Go to Sign Up page and you can update your registered user account.


9. How does one get support for mSocialEdgeTM

Support for the mSocialEdgeTM can be got from the User Manual, FAQ’s or contact the support group of MoNimbus Inc.


10. How do I submit a suggestion for the mSocialEdgeTM product?

Submit your suggestions to the support group of MoNimbus through e-mail and they will respond.


11. Can I search for contacts from my social networks?

Yes, the Social option in mSocialEdgeTM allows to define curative agents to search and filter from social networks that fits the criteria.  It can be further fine tuned to desired levels of curation from social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. With mSocialEdge™ as a stand alone, one can view only the contacts. However, if integrated with your customized application the contacts curated can be stored by simply pressing the “SAVE” button on screen.  Please contact Support if you have any questions.


12. I will be accessing the social network data through the application. How can I make sure to disconnect from the social networks after I view the leads?

mSocialEdgeTM  has an authorization module to allow authenticated access  into the social networks through the ‘Access’ option and remove the authorization through the ‘Revoke’ option.