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There is advertising in media everywhere – newspapers, web, blogs, web videos etc. So far no advertising on smart-phones. This could change and enterprises can play a part in it.
KPCB’s Internet Trends presentation (delivered by Mary Meeker), has all statistics about advertising. According to KPCB, only 3 percent of advertising dollars are spent on mobile advertising. That is a small number, but it is interesting to look at the difference between U.S. consumers’ time spent here.
U.S. consumers now spend 12 percent of their time on their smartphone or tablet, but advertisers are only spending three percent of their dollars there. That’s a large opportunity!
Obviously, mobile ads are possible but people don’t like it. The trick is to find a method that doesn’t negatively affect mobile users’ sense of space and ownership since mobile and pads are considered personal. BYOD policies that enterprises are constructing treats these devices as personal purchases with only the service being paid for by companies.
The challenge is to get ads without violating that personal feel. Can enterprises customize applications on Mobile to their employees and business partners? Sure they can. In fact Monimbus’ provides them a way to do so. Can they monetize it with ads that are customized in real time. MoNimbus has architectural plans for a ad gateway in its cloud framework. It can be done. But it is a balancing act – how do you monetize mobile advertising without violating the smartphone user?