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IT leaders experiment

Above and beyond “keeping the wheels moving”, Enterprise CIOs are meeting growing demand for innovation with enterprise mobility.  Decoding IT speak, it means apps for employees, customers and consumers, data for insight and for analysis.

For most Enterprise IT leaders mobile is just another word for an opportunity to accelerate innovation.  It’s a productive route for Enterprise IT leaders to create high-impact projects across the organization that transforms the business to the next level of experience with an always connected anytime , anywhere on any device set of customers, suppliers and partners.

In fact, if IT leaders can make their business solutions do more for their audience.  This in turn can help their constituents do more for their own customers, and therefore enable additional business opportunities for the enterprise.

While mobile technology has advanced, so also use cases have changed with business demands in every vertical sector.  Just as companies moved to open systems from proprietary technologies, to client/server systems, to personal devices, so also companies started recognizing the possibility of connecting to its customers and employees through the mobile cloud.

Most companies are at the infancy of what mobile technology can do for them both internally for their employees and externally with their customers. Companies are realizing how important mobility would be to the future of their business.  The key is to apply mobility to the business context i.e. to the myriad of business processes to create intelligent and optimized business experiences.  It’s not about introducing new devices, what matters most is how a company uses it. A mobile device is very powerful device with incredible capabilities.  So far it has been used for email and calendaring.  Why not take it further and make the user productive with apps for employees, customers, partners and suppliers?

Companies with a philosophy of innovation are seizing the opportunity to support business in ways that they know today, and in ways they haven’t thought of yet.  Companies and people should always seek improvement and enterprise mobility through the cloud is a way to improve business processes.  A long-standing culture of “constructive dissatisfaction,” has to be fired up with continued commitment to investing in technology for innovation.



enterprisemobility image1There are 1.6 billion smartphones in the market and growing.  The number of connected devices is set to see further acceleration through pads, sensors, glasses, and watches.

With the increase of these devices at the edge of an enterprise, the first contact with the enterprise for most clients will be the mobile channel.  It makes mobile a strategic imperative and initiative for the enterprise. It becomes an important part of the enterprise IT stack and more the reason for embracing it at the earliest.

Consumerization leads to flexibility, untethered workers

Enterprises need to understand Mobility is the future.  The sooner they understand and move towards mobile the sooner they will see a competitive advantage.  If this is coupled with a better user experience it can lead to more efficient, smart workers.

Some businesses are taking it too literal and making the move to mobile first strategy with a rewrite of applications to a device.   This device centric focus costs huge time and money with very little to show on user experience.  What is necessary is a transformation of the application to next generation experience that embraces mobile, cloud and social.  Further if Applications take into account location, context, push to text, cross platform usage, leverage power of mobile they can result in making the app more predictive and anticipatory, thus making the user smarter and efficient.  This is the approach that MoNimbus prescribes.

It is through a cloud based middleware that can extract existing apps and transform them in real time.  The emphasis of this enterprise mobility approach is to keep the enterprise focused on its mission.  Digitization of the enterprise i.e. creation of web assets is what the company does best and should continue to do so. MoNimbus servers do the rest. That is active and real time transformation of application assets to optimized and intelligent experience on any device, anywhere in real time and on a SaaS model.




It is no secret that many enterprises have begun to mobilize their work applications and those who haven’t started yet are seriously considering taking this step. Some of these, however, are still reluctant to go mobile because they are unsure  of value for the enterprise and  measure of  return of investment (ROI)  in enterprise mobile apps.

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