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It is clear that bring your own device (BYOD) and consumerization of IT in the enterprise (CITE) are creating complexity in the enterprise, but embracing the change leads to more productive mobile workers as well as better communications with employees, partners, customers, and consumers. However, getting an enterprise to accelerate the mobile web requires serious thought about what tools an enterprise will need to successfully navigate the waters of enterprise mobility.
As a first step, companies need to think about their mobile worker populations and make decisions about their corporate control and management of the device platform and responsibility for managing and securing the corporate footprint of information (apps, data, and content) on a BYOD. Either way, given the increasing amount of sensitive data being accessed on mobile devices, security is a key consideration that should be evaluated — ideally before any applications are rolled out.
Next, an organization needs to assess its mobile application requirements. Again, this calls for an evaluation of the mobile force and deciding on applications and content requirements for the worker groups including process and productivity applications. For a consumer-facing company, this needs assessment may also include consumer mobile applications. Given the range of mobile applications any one company might be looking to deploy, evaluating a flexible platform that offers the ability to build a range of application types (B2C, B2B, B2E) and architectures (native, hybrid, Web, etc.) makes sense. This platform needs to offer a streamlined way to integrate with a variety of back-end systems as well as next-generation front end to create compelling experience. In addition to custom applications, many companies seek ready to go mobile applications that offer 80% of the functionality they need out of the box and the ability to customize the rest. Finally, enterprises need a streamlined way to configure, deploy, and manage these applications after deployment. Customizable mobile enterprise application stores and integrated mobile application management offerings are two increasingly popular ways to handle this need.
MoNimbus attempt to do both i.e. providing a platform that embraces mobiles, social and cloud and also ready-made applications that can be customized and personalized for the desired experience.

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The IT transition to cloud/mobile/social has entrepreneurs and investors salivating, while providing Enterprise IT and business users with three factors to consider:
• newer opportunities
• better options
• reduced costs
Nevertheless, enterprise technology faces an incredibly complex series of challenges and opportunities:
The Rental Economy. The operational savings and speed presented by Cloud and SaaS technologies are changing how we pay for IT. Why invest when you can rent? This is a good thing, as resources will be used more efficiently. But it poses challenges for infrastructure technology vendors and professional service players. They need to change business models. App and platform makers like MoNimbus could even take care of the infrastructure.
BYOD and CITE. Enterprise IT managers are being forced to cope with a new model of IT, with the advent of business users Bringing Their Own Devices and Consumerization of IT (with applications being downloaded for sheer delight and experience). The classic enterprise software license that they are used to are a few apps away from oblivion.
User Experience – Consumers long used to the consumer mobile devices that sport sharp colors, strong resolution, use of the mobile features such as high resolution two way camera, , touch screens, two touch zoom able user interfaces all of which that transform the viewing and user experience of consumer applications are in no way ready to go back to boring UI of existing web applications. They want applications that leverage power of the mobile, leveraging the context based on location, leveraging the collaborative features of mobile, leveraging the integrated social media, and available anytime anywhere on the cloud.
MoNimbus meets all of these challenges with a mobile cloud platform and business applications with next generation experience.