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MoNimbus™ Cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Application Platform combines the best of mobile, social, and cloud technology to accelerate enterprises toward next generation applications. It automates the complexity to move enterprise apps to mobile via an easy to use, secure cloud based service. Further MoNimbus™ provides a studio like interface to allow a user to shape the workflow by integrating other apps to create newer smart mobile apps.

The MoNimbus™ engine handles the diversity of mobile devices, layouts, User interfaces, operating systems to provide an experience that is context and location sensitive. It allows the user to customize the workflow with real time integration of other cloud based services such as social media, real time collaboration etc. It offers an automated route for creation of smart mobile apps from existing apps, workflows and business services, in real time.

The approach of MoNimbus appeals greatly to enterprises, many of whom are currently moving away from internal development in favor of cloud services. Monimbus™ is a fraction of the cost that enterprises would have to pay for a traditional approach.


MoNimbus™offers a reconfigurable proprietary cloud-based platform that serves as a quick- start to mobility, equipped with ready-to-use suite of business applications such as sales, services, and social integration etc. The customer gets to start with a new experience at the edge and without the expenses of additional costs, coding, or wait.


  • mCRM™, mSocialEdge™, mServices™ are now in public beta for free. Instructions for download are on the website
  • MoNimbusTM Studio launched for SalesForce Sales Cloud® at Dreamforce 2013.
  • In revenue mode with paid subscriptions
  • Partnerships with Salesforce, Wipro, Accenture
  • Analysts Gartner, IDG, Neuralytix have initiated coverage.


The total available market (TAM) for Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Services is in the order of $17B increasing to 140B by 2020 according to a study by Deloitte/Nasscom.


The company has a strong professional team with enterprise veterans from SAP, Salesforce, RedHat, Microsoft, Infosys, WorldRes, Sybase, Sun Microsystems, Akamai, etc. Company is focused on recruiting top talent to grow/expand the solution and business. We also have a great advisory board with the ex CEOs of SAP, Siebel, Progress.