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About Monimbus Platform

MoNimbus™ Cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Application Platform combines the best of mobile, social, and cloud technology to accelerate enterprises toward next generation mobile applications. It automates the complexity to move enterprise apps to mobile via an easy to use, secure cloud based service. It is an end-to-end mobile platform that consists of 3 tightly integrated layers that extracts enterprise application’s data and workflow then automatically create a mobile application that works on any mobile device.


Mobile Adaptation

The MoNimbus™ engine automatically handles the diversity of mobile devices, layouts, user interfaces, operating systems to provide an experience that is context and location sensitive with a high degree of customizability for both users and the company.


Any Device, Any Platform

One application across different devices and platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone using a unified interface for desktops, tablets and mobile devices

Content and & Context Aware

Leverage location and device features to provide the best context for your applications as well as adapting content to usage pattern


Adaptive UI

UI is dynamically generated that mirrors the native look and feel of the device that takes into account the motion of the device, usage pattern, touch gestures, and more

Branding and Personalization

Create a custom branded application for your company and also allow for individual users to customize it within the confines of the business to suit their actual usage



Application Orchestration

Create the most powerful mobile business application quickly using MoNimbus’ visual development platform designed for non-programmers. Business and IT can quickly adapt their mobile applications to the ever changing business in weeks, not months.


Adaptive and Extensible Workflow

Use our pre-built workflows from leading enterprise application vendors or design your own custom workflows, which you can later be re-used across any of your other mobile applications

Mashup Framework

Visually and logically combine your data and functionality from different enterprise applications into one composite mobile application


Visual Studio

Create your mobile application using a drag-n-drop interface to build your own custom workflow logic, business rules, and interface with zero code

App Store

Get a fast start with our ready-made apps or build your internal app store consisting of your own set of custom apps built for various part of your business



Enterprise and Cloud Service Integration

Majority of companies have multi-platform application stack and MoNimbus mobile apps can integrate both cloud based services and back-end applications seamlessly. It offers an automated route for creating smart mobile apps with or without existing back end apps – all in real time, over cloud, and outside premises.

Standard Integration Connectors

With included connectors, you are already able to connect to services like Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.. Focus on designing your mobile applications, not integrations

Extensible Services

Have an application that we don’t have a connector for? Use our API and SDK to easily build your own custom connector


Mobile Cloud Services

Empower your mobile applications with rich features such as push notifications, geolocation, and data services

Security and App Management

Applications are secured and managed between the enterprise and the mobile device using advanced encryption and user identity management